Airhandling units tailor made for project installations. Direct driven chamber fans, EX-class as required, cooling and heating sections, liquid or freon based.

Galley Hood

Halton is our partner for galley extract. These hoods have 80% of world wide market. They include an automatic water wash, fire extinguisher and U.V. light for perfect cleaning of fumes and fat holding kitchen extract.

Cooling equipment

Fully compliant to F-Gas requirements in accordance to EU-directive NO 842/2006 of EU-parliament.

Two-stage systems with integrated filter


  • Filter attachment arrangement integrated directly into the Mist Eliminator panel
  • Single drain point, eliminating internal drain hook-up
  • Accommodates panel filter or filter units
  • Designed to fit most standard Compact and Pocket filter
  • Hinged panel for external service access

Air intake unit

Type: ME

  • The best of wide patented multipocket design
  • First choice
  • Best overall performance
  • Robust in Windy Conditions

Type: SP

  • Single Pocket design with rigid Hollow core
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Lowest noise level

Type: BL

  • The orgininal wide multipocket high velocity design
  • High velocity applications
  • Industrial strength
  • Lowest pressure drop

Single stage air intake with all-year protection

Moisture Eliminator panel with fully Integrated Heat Tracing. The ultimate solution for an Arctic Climate.


Vane separator with Heat Cable embedded inside the core of each vertical profile for the best protection against:

  • Ice Crystal build-up
  • Super cooled rain
  • Sub-zero green sea
  • Wet clinging snow
  • Drifting snow

Features & Benefits

    • HVAC and cooling systems
    • Ventilation systems
    • Refrigeration systems
    • Drillers cabin and LER HVAC
    • Control Cabinets
    • Engineering and support
    • After sales


    • Fans, centrifugal, inline and axial
    • Air Handling Units
    • Cooling machines AC and provision
    • Firedampers, A&H-rated (pneumatic & electrical)
    • Ducts and accessories (all NORSOK classes)
    • Galley Hoods (Halton)
    • Cabin Units
    • Control panels and instruments


Atle Gundersen
Mobile : (+47) 918 23 517

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